Seven More

Today, my eyes are so white with love.

I’ll be late for work if I ever get there at all. There are so many other places to be when the moon is this low.

I can only ever listen to one song at a time. I loop one track over and over and over until it has been defanged, and then I listen seven more times.

Some songs cannot be neutralized.

I’m listening to one of those songs right now, the same song I’ve been listening to all day. No luck.

It still cuts right to the bone.

I am so afraid that nobody takes me seriously when I describe my many rituals.

They are right to be skeptical; I am, and have always been, prone to dramatics.

In this case, however, I usually understate the facts.

I am crazier than even my doctor knows.

It isn’t all bad, though- much of it is very, very powerful. There isn’t a therapist in the world I’d trust with my current ambitions.

Besides, you’d have to be as insane as I am in order to believe me.

I wonder if you are.

I get a gut so full of lead when I hear your voice. I’m not sure I even know what it actually sounds like.

I cannot be wrong. I can’t. I can’t.

Oh God, I-

I feel so far from myself.

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