I come upon a desecrated place. It holds me like an ex-lover.

How slowly the body adjusts to proof of purpose. How quickly it clings to God.

You kissed her here full and thoughtless. I am so scared of being kissed like that. Was the room so heavy with fog as this?
What substances laid claim to your chemistry then? Did the light leap and then petrify? I still do, gracious Gorgon, I do

and then I break like a fever.

There is always a kinder world just around the corner,
if only because this one is so brutal.
You learned a lesson in one night that you will take a lifetime to unlearn.

I will light the candle.
I will play the bass.
I will get the drinks and hold the roses.
I will draw the curtains and the bath.

I have seen enough nitrile hands to know rapture is everywhere the same.
A tongue and a bullet are one in the same.
Tonight you are both.
Memory is a mouth.
Memory is a gun.

I honestly still believe there is only one road through, but the pieces are many. There are magics older than I at play here. I have only so many eyes and so many hands.

Someone else’s world fell apart here.

I feel so small.

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